Natox Review – Get The Facts Before You Buy

Natox gel

Product Information

Product: Richibrown® Organic Natox


Rating Of Effectiveness: botox alternative

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Satisfaction Guarantee: 60 days

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Before rushing to dismiss this as just another –meh- partial review, give me a minute to introduce myself;

  • I’ve tried tons of (so called) natural anti-aging remedies, an autobiography wouldn’t provide ample space to narrate about them
  • Multiply that by five to find out the times I’ve been systematically disappointed by the product’s actual efficiency.
  • Due to the above, I’ve promised myself to thoroughly research a product prior to buying it (I’ve been gullible for far too long)

anti ageing creamsThus, this review won’t change your state of mind, or blow your mind away, it won’t mess with your mind at all (to end the mind metaphors).

It’s an honest, factual representation of what Natox is, based on research and personal use. Hopefully, it will provide solutions in how to effectively treat and prevent aging.

What is all the hype about?

Think of Natox as Botox in a bottle, bar the (unanimously ugly) side effects, plus Natox is all natural and organic. Truth be told, Natox is nothing short of a breakthrough when it comes to anti-aging solutions.

What Natox is not

To better grasp the majesty of this little bottle cream, let’s see first what Botox is.

It is a neurotoxin injected in humans’ faces, causing facial muscles to become numb or what is called denervated. This results in the deep-lined skinned to smoothen out.

Botox is an invasive cosmetic procedure, which by blocking acetylcholine’s function, disables temporarily the communication between muscle and nerve, making muscle contraction rather impossible. The immediately perceptible outcome of this process is, relaxed facial muscles and visible wrinkle reduction.

natural botox alternativeHowever, Botox therapies are invasive, anti-aging procedures which are packed with side-effects, including pain during and after the procedure, muscle swelling, eyes that won’t focus, irritated eyes, dry mouth. More severe cases have also been reported due to allergic reactions and rashes.

Appalled already? No one blames you. And we didn’t even mention that apart from being a not-so-effective procedure, it also costs lots of money too. Sensible women can go a long way to achieve their vision of beautiful, but it seems that infusing toxins in your body, is a step too far.

Natox on the other hand is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and other facial creases, with its groundbreaking, non-invasive formula. Natox is a cream you just apply onto wrinkles and see them soften out and become shorter.

What Natox does with wrinkles (that other anti-wrinkle serums can’t)?

Just like Botox which blocks the secretion of acetylcholine, (responsible for transmitting information from the brain to the muscles in order to move, Natox does the exactly same thing, through high-tech quantum technology.

Since its creators (sincerely thank you) wanted to offer women a natural, non-invasive solution, they used electromagnetic energy to achieve the same muscle-paralyzing.

how natox worksBy using the cream, a woman releases in her skin minuscule electromagnetic particles which work just like acetylcholine; preventing muscles from contracting, by numbing the nerve endings where the wrinkles are. This results in having fewer muscle contractions, which means wrinkles are gradually smoothen out, with creases being replaced by moisturized, young-looking firmer skin.

So, there you have Botox in a bottle, without the unhealthy toxin and horrifying, painful injection! Natox manages to have the effects of Botox, with the use of quantum physics, helping women stay young and fresh longer and pain-free.

When applied, Natox targets nerve endings directly, so there is no need to go deeper into the skin through questionable, invasive toxin-injecting procedures. Inevitably then comes the question: what’s in it that makes it so potent?

Natox is nature’s alternative to Botox, which uses among other things, Helianthus Annuus, the oil from sunflower seeds, well-known skin emollient and recently found to also have anti-inflammatory properties.

The sunflower seed oil, found in Natox is organic, effectively aiding the skin to retain water, thus, comprehensively moisturizing it.

Natox also has salicylic acid, known for its antibacterial capacities, helping you skin stay protected from intruding environmental factors.

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is also present in Natox. A natural coconut extract, which has emulsifying functions, advancing skin moisturizing.

To verify the organic-ness of Natox, the ingredients in it, apart from meeting all ECOCERT standards, are also approved by the Cosmetics Regulation” (EC) No 1223/2009 and by the “Cosmetics Directive” 76/768/EEC.

You need irrefutable claims? (We got them)

In a study conducted by Phend Pharmaceuticals, it has been established that in a three-week long administration of Natox, the participants witnessed a substantial evening out of their frown lines.

As the study confirms:

“an inexpensive alternative to invasive therapy or surgery, in wrinkle reduction has been found”

This placebo-controlled, double blind clinical trial, actually had surprising results as to the expected efficiency of Natox. In fact, older and newer facial wrinkles, considerably and consistently improved as Natox continued being administered to participants.

In this study no adverse effects were recorded for the participants using Natox. Actually, the study establishes how Natox is a potent anti-wrinkle formula, which does the following:

  • Improves skin’s appearance
  • Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Optimizes moisturizing of skin, making it soft and smooth
  • Ascribes radiance and glow to the skin
  • Face looks firm and plumb
  • Skin elasticity optimised, attributing a healthy, young glow to it

Looking for downsides?

Sorry to disappoint you, there is none. Even its price, considered by some as puffed up, if one compares Natox effectiveness, to any other Botox-injecting procedure, its certain that its price tag won’t really bother you.  Besides, taking into consideration that this is an effective, painless alternative, its price is more than justifiable.

What’s more, you are benefiting from an anti-ageing skin care solution that is 100% clinically approved and organic.

Summing it Up

  • Will my wrinkles disappear?

No, but they will significantly improve and become softer, as you go on using Natox

  • When will it start working?

The study examining Natox, claims that results are visible by the third week of Natox application. (Plus, the facial improvement will be discreet and natural looking, unlike other methods)

  • How will I know if it will do the trick for me?

You can’t unless you try it, That’s why Natox offers you a two-month money back guarantee, if you are for some reason not satisfied with their product’s efficacy.

  • Where do I get Natox?

From the official Richibrown Organic Natox website. Get your first Natox cream for just £89.95.

  • Why should I opt for Natox?

It’s the only clinically proven, effective, non-invasive, anti-aging organic solution we have right now! Need I say more?